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About Us

Welcome to our new website,

The Ring Lady! 

For almost a decade known as "Margaret Taylor, Ltd., I have been selling my jewelry at trade shows nationwide. Over the years I have acquired the nickname, "The Ring Lady". I decided the name would be an easier way for people to find us, and for me to stay in touch with my loyal customers! Thank you so much for your patience in our endeavor to get "The Ring Lady" website up and running!

For those of you who are new to our company, we are a small family owned business out of Graham, NC and have had many satisfied customers for over 9 years now. My husband, 2 sons, their wives and even my granddaughters all help. It is definitely a family business in every sense of the word.

Our ring selections are well manufactured, beautiful designer inspired replicas. And who could forget our LIFETIME GUARANTEE!  We guarantee our rings against ANY damage or even if a stone falls out. Return the ring and we will send you a brand new exact or similar replacement. We are so confident in our products and are happy to be able to offer that to you. Your satisfaction is what we strive for daily!

Your business is truly appreciated!

~Margaret Taylor~